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Shop Pages

Check out some of the features coming in 2023. For all shops interested in becoming a beta tester, please fill out this form by clicking here.  All features will be tested first by the selected shops. Benefits include 50% off your bill, monthly meetings & direct contact with Cigar Social founders, communication with developers, a lifetime direct customer support line & limited edition Cigar Social Club apparel.

Our cigars

Showcase your brand selection and exact cigars your shop carries! Simply click and drag cigars over from your selected brands and add them to your page. 


Manage your brands

Keep in touch with your brands and your reps. Send new order requests, manage store visits, view last order dates, and more.


Timely updates

Brands send press releases directly to their clients. As a shop owner, you will be getting timely news updates straight from the brand.



Collaborate with brands when hosting events at your shop. Your followers can quickly get info on that brand and a specific cigar they are promoting


Global gift cards

Any user on Cigar Social will be able to purchase and send a gift card to a friend. Participating shop simply scan a QR code from the customer's phone and applies the discount towards the purchase.


Meet our team

Here's a section to meet anybody within your company. Have fun with it! Create your own job titles. You can also link a personal Cigar Social page by adding their @username.


Pickup requests

users will be able to quickly fill out a pickup order request form. Once the form is filled out by the user, a notification is sent to the shop admin.


If the order is in-stock and able to be fulfilled, the shop can call to collect payment info over the phone and set up pick-up details.

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