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Business pages

Manage accounts

Quickly communicate with all of your shops, view the time since their last order, schedule a visit, and more. Shops can also send order requests to brands, report quality control issues, and more.


License library

Tired of chasing down tobacco licenses? Our shops upload their tobacco license once, and all of their brands are notified. Save a copy, get alerts when one is approaching expiration, and rest easy.


Send press releases

Send out press releases directly to your stores. Create custom lists or send to all with one click. Custom templates help you save time, or create your own. Quickly get your updates without going through media.


Our cigars

Control your entire cigar portfolio, both current production and discontinued cigars. Wrapper, binder, filler, strength, etc can be edited by the admin at any time. Add any new cigars here, too.  


Quality control

Have a better understanding of what your product issues may be by receiving reports from your stores. Save on production costs by finding the root of the problem early and often.

Meet Our Team

Here's a section to meet anybody within your company. Have fun with it! Create your own job titles. You can also link a personal Cigar Social page by adding their @username.


Coming in winter of 2023, brands will be able to promote and advertise using behavior analytics and data collected from the Cigar Social platform.

Get noticed

With Cigar Social's detailed shops map, users are able to filter while searching for cigar shops or lounges around them. Filters include: serve food, offer alcohol, BYOB, have outdoor seating, indoor seating, TVs, live music, and more.

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